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Days of European Film

Whale Nation

2023, 82 min, Czech version with English subtitles.

When the sea washes up a live humpback whale on an uninhabited beach, a race for the whale´s life begins. During the rescue of the rare animal, we slowly learn its life, habits, and unusually complex social life. A visually captivating natural history film about creatures perceived as guardians of our planet.

Hazelnuts – In Search of the Perfect Planet

2022, 25 min, Czech language

An animated adventure about a pair of squirrels who will do anything to get some super nuts. Maybe they will even travel to a foreign planet!

Who We Were

2021, 115 min, German with English and Czech subtitles

Renowned German documentarian Marc Bauder adapts Roger Willemsen’s book of the same name in his visually captivating novel How We Were. He visits scientists and philosophers, an astronaut or an underwater researcher who reflect on the problems of the current world and the planet – which they are also trying to save.

Mission Ulja Funk

2022, 93 min, German with Czech subtitles

Twelve-year-old enthusiastic astronomer Ulja discovers that an asteroid is about to hit Eastern Europe. Ulja convinces a classmate to observe him together, and there is a race against time and pursuers.

Wild Prague

2022, 85 min, Czech version with English subtitles

Prague. At first glance, it is a stone and, more recently, also a concrete jungle. But even here, in a city of millions, there is a surprising amount of wildlife. Documentary filmmaker Jan Ho-šek, author of the prized film Planeta Česko, uses modern technology to bring them up close.


2022, 38 min

French music producer Molécule went all the way to frozen Greenland, where the sound of the arctic ocean inspired him to write a new song. The audiovisual expedition to the countries is named after the lowest temperature he recorded on his trip.

Moonbase – The Next Step

2022, 20 min, English with Czech subtitles

Man looked at the moon as early as 1969. Since then, a permanent lunar base has been consi-dered. This should happen in the next ten years. The evocative fulldome picture presents the audience with this mission almost from the front row.